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Do I need previous experience?

Absolutely not. Some of Sydney's best tango dancers did not have any dance experience before their first lesson.

How many students are in each class?

The numbers usually vary but we aim to have a limited number of students to ensure a good learning experience.

What do I need to bring?

You don't need dancing shoes to start your dance classes. We recommend comfortable shoes that have no rubber soles. Snickers with high grip soles may not be the best option If you have some dance shoes from another dance style like latin or ballroom, these will do. Once you settle in your tango journey and decide to buy a good pair of tango shoes, we recommend Tangolera shoes

Do I need a partner ?

No, you don't need a partner to book a class. In fact most of our tango students book their classes on their own. Tango is a social improvised dance which means you get to connect and improvise to the music with different people. In classes, you will partnered with other students and we will rotate partners. You can still choose to remain with your partner if you wish. We believe that rotating partners would be good for your learning journey.

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