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Whether you're new to tango or an experienced dancer, Sydney Tango Collective offers a welcoming space to learn, practice, and enjoy the art of tango. Our weekly classes, led by the founders Mo and Mona and volunteers from our Collective community, provide a structured yet flexible curriculum designed to accommodate dancers of all levels.

Our classes are structured and tailored in a methodological way to cater for the social dancer. We focus on providing our students the tools and the skills to be be able to lead and follow with ease and grace.

Our aim is to get our students to practice what they learned so they can experience the magic of tango on the social dance floor as early as possible.


Tango Fundamentals

These classes are tailored for students new to tango or for experience students who wish to improve their fundamental skills.

The classes cove the basics of posture, walking, and the tango embrace.

Progress through essential figures and embrace the rhythm of tango music.

The classes are structured on a 4 week term rotation. New students are encouraged to start on the beginning of the term.

Students of all levels are welcome and encouraged to attend and repeat these classes.

Tango Concepts and Figures 

The classes build on your tango foundation knowledge with more challenging concepts and sequences focusing on connection, musicality, and floor craft.

Concepts include turns, circular movements, sacadas and many more on rotation each term.

*These classes suit students who are familiar with the tango fundamentals and have fully attended one or more Tango beginners or fundamentals course. Please inquire with us if this the right class for you before booking


Tango Fundamentals

Tuesdays 6:30 to 7:30 pm

Tango Concepts and Figures

    Tuesdays 7:30 to 8:30 pm

Intermediate /Advanced

Coming soon ! Watch this space


Tango Fundamentals ( 1 hr class / week ) for 4 weeks $80

Tango Concepts and Figures ( 1 hr class / week ) for 4 weeks $80

Both Classes (2 hr / week) for 4 weeks $150**

*Extra discount available for University students. Please inquire with us directly for discount codes

**Tango Concepts and Figures class is not suitable for absolute beginners. Please inquire with us if this is the right class for you before booking.

*** For first time students, first trial class is FREE!!

your 1st class





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