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Argentine Tango

Forget the cliché of the red rose between the teeth – Argentine Tango is so much more. It's a musical genre that forms the foundation of a dance characterised by its complexity, emotional depth, and sensuality. Tango music, with its rich diversity of rhythms and moods, invites dancers to explore and express a wide range of emotions. It's a dance of unlimited possibilities, where each step and movement tells a story.  


Argentine Tango emerged in the late 19th century in working-class neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay. It was practiced by Argentine dancers, musicians, and immigrant laborers yet rejected by the elite. The dancers were mostly immigrants from diverse backgrounds. The dance was practiced in streets and patios, particularly dark street corners

The term "tango" was originated from Afro-Argentine dance forms. Tango developed with expression of political struggles by black community and was adopted by many immigrants who lived in poor towns and wished to change their socio-economic situation.

Towards the 1930s, Argentine tango started becoming trendy in the major European capitals such as Paris, Berlin and Rome. This was accompanied by a shift in how tango was perceived in Argentina by the government and elites during 1930s to 1950s, where tango became a national identity of Argentina. This time was considered to be the Golden Age of Argentine tango.

Tango Now

Argentine Tango is one of the popular social dances worldwide. There are weekly and monthly social tango dancing events (Milongas) held in most of the major cities worldwide including Sydney.

Plenty of international events including festivals and marathons where dancers from all over the world meet and dance with one another without speaking the same language.

The video below from Tangosalonika samples the atmosphere from one of Buenos Aires highly regarded social tango weekly events (milongas).


#Hashtag Tango 10 Review of Milonga A La Parrilla 2/8/2018 - Buenos aires, Argentina

#Hashtag Tango 10 Review of Milonga A La Parrilla 2/8/2018 - Buenos aires, Argentina

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Why Dance Argentine Tango?

Yes ! It takes two to tango

Argentine tango is an art that extends beyond the physical movement. What makes it so special is that it is entirely built on the connection with your partner and yourself. Argentine Tango as a social dance is entirely improvised and not choreographed and this is how it is still danced in Buenos Aires Argentina and the allover the world.

They say if we you walk you can tango!!

Argentine Tango as a social dance in 100% improvised dance, it’s a unique language that meets no borders, no matter where one dances – the back streets of Buenos Aires, the lush resort in Bali, a church hall in Australia, or a palazzo in Italy. We travel and dance in almost every single place on this beautiful planet of ours. And we meet people who share the same love, we dance with them and make friends for life.

Now imagine being You are lost in the moment in a warm embrace, you are one with your partner and the music. Your mind is not wandering about anything, total presence !! 

Many of those who have danced tango talk about those spiritual moments resembling meditation " Tango moments".

Come and explore what this dance has to offer, it may change your life.

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